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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the interface of PRO-77U?

A:  PRO-77U runs at USB interface, USB 3.1 Gen-I 5Gbps specifically. (Previously called USB 3.0)

Q:  Can I use Compact Flash Type II card on PRO-77U?

A:  Yes, you may use CF Type II Card.

Q:  How deep is the CF slot (how much of a CF card is exposed when inserted into the CF slot)?

A:  After a CF UDMA card is inserted, the exposed length is 17mm.

Q:  Will this device work if it is connected to external USB ports that are on the computer, by using USB 3.0 A-B cables?

A:  Yes, the device can be connected to external USB ports using USB 3.0 Type A-B external cables (sold separately). But please be advised that PRO-77U still requires having SATA Power connected.

Q:  What is the connection requirement for PRO-77U?

A:  PRO-77U requires two USB connections for data transfer and one SATA power connection for power.  For USB connection, you can simply connect an USB3.0 20pin-B cable (included in the retail package) to the USB3.0 20-pin (or called 19-pin) header on motherboard.  Or, you may use two USB3.0 A-B cables to connect PRO-77U to USB 3.0 type-A ports.

Q:  What is the highest speed class that PRO-77U can support?

A:  CF: UDMA 7

      SD: UHS-II (with reduced speeds)

     microSD: UHS-II (with reduced speeds)

     MS: 8 bit

Q:  My CF UDMA 7 card is supposed to read at maximum 150MB/s, but now it reads only at 40MB/s, what should I do?

A:  It seems your PRO-77U is running at USB2.0 speed.  Please try to switch the two USB plugs (on the back of the reader) around as shown below and reboot the computer?

Q:  My PRO-77U worked fine but suddenly it stop functioning.  Windows reports that no drivers can be found, how to fix it?

A:  Please try to switch the two USB plugs around as shown below:

Please ensure you have the latest Universal Intel USB driver installed on your motherboard: uninstall the device through windows device manager, and install the latest Universal Intel USB motherboard driver, and then reboot the computer.  The device should be recognized and PRO-77U should now works correctly.

Q:  My PRO-77U doesn't function correctly, how to fix it?

A:  1) Re-establish the connection, please try to switch the two USB plugs around, and re-connect the SATA power:

A:  1) Re-establish the connection, please try to switch the two USB plugs around, and re-connect the SATA power:

2) Check to see if your device has the latest FW. Please go to “Device Manager” -> “Universal Series Bus controllers” and look for “USB Mass Storage Device”.  If you have multiple USB devices plugged in the system, look for its “Properties” -> “Details” and the “Hardware Ids” should look something like this “USB\VID_11B0&PID_3114&REV_0117”.   If you see REV_0117, then your PRO-77U has the latest firmware.   If not, please follow the steps below to update the firmware.

3) Update the Firmware: While the computer is ON, disconnect the USB cable from the left USB port at the back of PRO-77U and reconnect the cable. If computer can detect the PRO-77U, proceed to download the firmware from the following links. There are two firmware to update, but it does not matter which one you update first. Just unzip the firmware package into a folder first, and then double-click on the “.exe” in the same folder to start firmware update. After finishing both firmware updates, please reboot your computer to reset the PRO-77U.

PRO77U – firmware for media card slots:   MEDIA CARD SLOTS

PRO77U – firmware for for front USB ports:   FRONT USB PORTS

If you need further assistance or help please contact our support via email or telephone:

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International please call


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