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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the interface of PRO-37U?

A:  PRO-37U runs at USB interface, USB 3.1 Gen-I 5Gbps specifically. (Previously called USB 3.0)

Q:  Will this device work if it is connected to external USB ports that are on the computer, by using USB 3.0 A-B cables?

A:  Yes, the device can be connected to external USB ports using USB 3.0 Type A-B external cables (available from our AFT store)

Q:  What media cards does the PRO-37U support?

A:  PRO-37U supports CompactFlash UDMA7, SDXC UHS-I, MicroSDXC UHS-I, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo (at 4-bit only), and xD-Picture Card. The reader also supports external USB-A devices such as Mobile phones, Flash drives and storages, etc.

Q:  How do you insert the Sony M2 media card?

A:  The M2 will need to be inserted into its slot with bottom side up due to the design of the MS/M2 combo slot.

Q:  The PRO-37U blue LED blinks when card is inserted but I can't see any content?

A:  If this happens, please check if you have any of the following third-party software installed on your computer as they are known to cause issue with any USB Mass Storage Devices.

a. Acronis True Image

b. Marvell Storage Utility v4

c. IOBit SmartDefrag

d. SpeedFan v4.49

For Acronis True Image, you can refer to our FAQ at for solutions and workarounds.

For the rest of the software, you would need to uninstall them from your computer system as they are not really needed for your computer system to work properly.

Q:  Why does the USB port function but the Reader doesn't function?

A:  Please try to switch the USB plugs around as shown below.

Q:  How do I install the PRO-37U internally into my computer?

A:  If you need to set up PRO-37U connection internally, you will need the following:

Motherboard with USB 3.1 20-pin Internal Header (Female).

Option A) USB 3.1 Internal 20-Pin to 2 x Type-A Female Adapter (available from our AFT store).

Option A) USB 3.1 Internal 20-Pin to 2 x Type-A Female Adapter (available from our AFT store).

Q:  I'm noticing slower performance using Windows 7?

A:  If you see slower performance with PRO-37U in Windows 7 compared to Windows 8.1/10, it is due to that Windows 7 natively only supports 64KB USB transfer size, as opposed to Windows 8.1/10 that supports 2MB. An example below shows a CompactFlash memory card’s write speed increases 2 times with 2MB support.

** Performance varies depending on the type and speed of the memory cards**

Q:  How will I know PRO-37U is connected and functioning?

A:  After you connect PRO-37U to the computer, you should see five generic Removable Disk ICONs with assigned letters corresponding to the five memory card slots on the reader.

A:  If you see less than five Removable Disk ICONs, please try the following:

a) Go to the Computer Management window. On the left side is a tree node called Disk Management (under the Storage node). Select Disk Management.

b) At the bottom is a list of Disks. Check any Removable Disk that has not been assigned a drive letter. Right-click that Disk and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths…"

c) Assign a drive letter.

Q:  PRO37U reader seems to connect and disconnect from my system?

A:   Please update the firmware to the latest version 0579.  Please download and unzip the firmware package into a folder on your Desktop first and then double-click on “FWUpgradeTool.exe” in the same folder to start the firmware update.  

PRO-37U Firmware (0579)

If you need further assistance or help please contact our support via email or telephone:

Toll-free number for USA only

International please call


Pacific Time 
10:00AM to 5:00PM

Support email

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