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USB Charge with Safety Hammer
Dual USB Car Charger Aluminum
Dual USB Charging Ports with high quality alloy design
Dual USB Car Charger LED
Blue LED indicator allows ease of use during night time
Dual USB Car Charger 2 x Devices
5V/3.4A allows you to Charge 2 devices simultaneously
AFT Car Charger Safety Hammer
Safety Hammer handle for breaking glass
in case of emergency


  • Smart USB charging port with Intelligent Technology for efficient and optimal charging

  • Quick Charger feature with output of 5V/3.4A charging capacity

  • Dual USB charging ports to charge 2 devices simultaneously

  • High Quality alloy metal design to ensure durability and longevity

  • Blue LED indicator allows ease of use in night time conditions

  • Safety hammer handle function for breaking car glass in case of emergency


Dimensions (Length):  67mm (Charger) 147mm (Hammer Handle)


Power Requirements: Car Charger Socket 12V

Manufacturing Information:  Made in China

Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty

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